Educate B4U Vaccinate

At CHA we know that the decision to vaccinate your young child is a very important one and should not be taken lightly. Your child is at a very vulnerable, developmental age and as parents we need to protect our children from any known, or unknown risk. And that is exactly the concern, we don’t really know what the risks are with these new vaccines and how they work with Covid and the various strains of it that keep popping up. The information is just not available and many people don’t know who to ask.

At Canada Health Alliance our vision is a world inspired by healthy, informed, strong and free Canadians, and we know that is exactly what you want for your children. To help concerned parents of young children, especially those in the very vulnerable 5 to 11 year old age group, make the right decision we have launched a series of educational roadshows.
A team of our hand-picked CHA doctors, travel on these roadshows with a dedicated group of organisational and admin staff to face-to-face presentations in a range of cities, towns and villages. So far they have spoken in churches and community halls to crowds of people, young and old. Often there have been too many people to fit indoors, but these groups, hungry for truth, instead gathered outside in spite of the freezing cold winter temperatures.
These fact-based presentations, packed with scientific research, encourage full audience participation in an open and honest question and answer format, allowing parents to make informed decisions for the long term health and wellbeing of their children. And that is our primary concern, to ensure that we can protect as many young children as possible from the unknown dangers they are facing and which may threaten their long term health and happiness.

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