Justice for the Vaccinated

Led by CHA President, Dr. Stephen Malthouse and Dr. Charles Hoffe.

Justice for the Vaccinated is a collaborative project to raise awareness of the injustices done to the vaccinated.

In good faith, these innocent people did what was asked of them without sufficient knowledge or informed consent. When they suffered side effects and injuries, in some cases very serious and left-threatening, they were marginalized and silenced.

Our collective commitment is to ensure that these victims are heard and provided with both short and medium term care, followed in the longer term by real justice for their suffering.

Despite what we were told, there is sufficient evidence to support the fact that the Covid-19 vaccines were rolled out prematurely and the efficacy rates that were promised were not accurate. Additionally, due to the premature emergency roll out of the vaccines, there was a lack of sufficient safety testing, the result being that untold people in Canada and around the world have died or been injured. 
As the governments continue to mandate additional vaccinations, based on the same faulty premises, more and more people are reaching a line that they are unwilling to cross. They feel betrayed and lied to by the authorities and the media. It takes courage to admit that perhaps following these mandates was a mistake, but millions of people are taking their first steps to challenge the vaccine narrative. Justice for the Vaccinated was established specifically to help support those who have been harmed and to ensure that the rest of us say “enough”!
To learn more, visit the J4V website at vaxjustice.org

True Collaboration

This project is an example of true collaboration across numerous advocacy groups across Canada. It is being driven by Take Action Canada and Frontline Canada, with the support of over twenty other organizations.
As part of this collaboration, Canada Health Alliance President Dr. Stephen Malthouse is leading the educational and awareness component of the roadshows, delivering face-to-face presentations, discussions and Q&As in town halls, churches and conference centres across the country. Supported by other local heath care practitioners, they are reaching out to and helping those who feel their symptoms and declining health have been triggered by the vaccines, yet are not being heard or acknowledged by the main-steam medical establishment.
A key part of building a case for Justice for all Canadians who have been harmed, is to gather the evidence, share people’s stories, and seek Justice for the Vaccinated. 

Have you been injured?

If you believe you, or one of your friends or family have been injured by the vaccine, please report your story.

Donate to J4V

If you wish to donate directly to the Justice for the Vaccinated program, please visit the VaxJustice donation page.