Your Livelihoods

Since the launch of the Covid vaccines in early 2021 we have seen numerous mandates forcing an ever greater number of people to take the vaccine under threat of losing their jobs and livelihoods. 
This is clearly the highest form of coercion and forced compliance in flagrant disregard of not just the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but of even the most basic form of human rights and freedom of choice.
We would not expect to see this kind of behaviour in anything but the most oppressive forms of totalitarian dictatorships. Yet here we are.
Healthcare workers across the country have been specifically and relentlessly targeted and many of our CHA members who are choosing not to participate in this grand experiment, especially when they have seen the side-effects, have either already lost their jobs, or are under imminent threat of losing them.
CHA strongly supports freedom of choice and the right to bodily integrity for all our members, all healthcare workers, and all Canadians at large. To ensure this CHA has been a strong supporter of the ‘Walk-Out Wednesdays’ (WOW) and National Health Day initiatives to put an end to the last of the intrusive and unjustifiable mandates.

The principles we stand by, and advocate are:

  1. There is no freedom of choice when exercising such freedoms (as enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms), will result in the loss of employment, income, livelihood and the ability to provide food and shelter to oneself and ones family. Such extremely threatening measures are unjustified, unconstitutional and unlawful and go against the principles of health freedom, or any sort of freedom enshrined in the principles of basic human rights.

  2. We do not believe that there is any scientific evidence that the vaccine mandates in Canada have made any significant difference in our ability to manage the infection rates or severity of Covid-19, or that such measures are less harmful than the economic, psychological and societal damage that they are causing. If such evidence exists we ask the Minister of Health and the Provincial Health Officers collectively to provide it as a valid justification for this extreme imposition.

  3.  The role of regulatory colleges and associations within the Canadian healthcare industry is not to force compliance with mandates issued by the provincial health officers, or the colleges themselves. Their role is to set sufficiently high standards of practice to ensure that the Canadian public benefit from highly qualified, highly skilled healthcare practitioners who maintain the highest standards in the best healthcare interests of the Canadian public. We do not believe that enforcing radical and unjustified mandates falls within the authority of all, or any, of the colleges. If they choose to do this we demand that they provide evidence that this action is indeed in the best healthcare interests of the Canadian public.

The CHA's Position

The Canada Health Alliance values integrity, collaboration and health freedom, none of which have been taken into account with the vaccine mandates which threaten to destroy the livelihoods of thousands of desperately needed healthcare workers.

The Canada Health Alliance therefore does not support the requirement for healthcare workers, or any Canadian, to be subject to forced vaccination in exchange for their ability to retain their employment.

We are strongly against withholding anyone’s ability to work and earn a living, especially in such an important, under-staffed and overwork sector such as healthcare. This is never justified in any civilized society that is based on the principle of free enterprise, and the respect of the most basic human rights.

We support our members’ rights to provide healthcare services through paid employment or the operation of their own businesses to the public and those in need. CHA will do all we can within the law and our protected rights as enshrined in our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, to support them and their colleagues who are facing this persecution and victimization, which appears not to have any basis in scientifically justified need.