Shield our kids

The Shield Our Kids program is one of our primary projects at CHA as we believe that our kids are by far the most vulnerable, and innocent members of our society. Children should not be put into situations where they are coerced into making decisions on vaccines they can not understand or appreciate the dangers of, and it is, at the very least, reckless and irresponsible of School Boards to do this.

We at CHA launched Shield Our Kids specifically to shield children from this type of dangerous predation, which, due to the unprecedented level of censorship, many parents are simply unaware of.
In collaboration with Action4Canada, CHA has sent out thousands of Notices of Liability to Universities, Colleges, sportclubs, and school boards. These NOL’s inform the decision-makers of these education and sports establishments of their own personal legal liability if they participate in any form of discrimination or coercion against any child, irrespective of that child’s personal medical choices or those of their parents and/or legal guardians.
Other activities of our Shield Our Kids project include leading a legal initiative to inform both the media and educational institutes that according to the Food and Drug Act the marketing of vaccinations is illegal and a criminal offence. We have also been warning parents that the claim by certain schools and school boards that simply by sending your child to school is implied consent that the school can vaccinate them is not just baseless but could constitute criminal assault.
Even though science clearly demonstrates that children are not at risk of Covid and do not spread it to the adults around them, they seem to be a special target for the advocates of this experimental gene-therapy. We at CHA will continue to shield all of our kids in any way we can no matter how the medical establishment, the sports clubs or the schools and universities try to coerce, bully, hurt or inject them.