“The Israeli People’s Committee has uncovered a multitude of malfunctions and failures at the administrative, ethical and legal levels during the COVID-19 vaccination campaign at the beginning of 2021 in Israel… this document (presents and elaborates) the main features of these malfunctions, which have led to severe damages in many Israelis in the short term, and sadly to possible future damages. It seems that the entire country got caught up in a medical-social chaos, where the leadership has enabled a situation of fear and uncertainty to run its course out of control, and even contributed to its further enhancement.”

Dr. Pinki Feinstein, Adv. Irit Yankovich, Dr. Galit Zapler Naor et al. Interim Conclusion Report, April 2021: From Uncontrollable Impulse to Criminal Spin? The Israeli People’s Committee (the-people-committee.com). April 2021. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OLU7TXr46PLxdVq9wjp1b8Kd3BglPndR/edit.