Envisioning the
future of healthcare

The Canada Health Alliance is a not-for-profit collaboration of healthcare professionals from across Canada who envision a world inspired by healthy, informed, strong, and free Canadians.

Our mission is to champion optimal health through education, scientific inquiry, collaboration, and open discourse that honours our dynamic connection to nature and innate wisdom.

CHA's Vision

A world inspired by healthy, informed, strong and free Canadians.

CHA's Mission

To champion optimal health through education, collaboration, and open discourse, which honours our dynamic connection to nature and innate wisdom. 

CHA's Values:

Health, Integrity, Self-Empowerment and Choices.

CHA's Noble Purpose:

To establish a new health care system through collaboration, integrity and the participation of each and every person.

CHA's three strategic priorities

  1. To design, build and establish a new, better health care system that is grounded on medical ethics, does not discriminate and works in the best interests of the individual patient/participant.

  2. To provide health information which empowers individuals to determine their own path towards health & wellness without promoting any political or corporate interests.

  3. To ensure a collaborative and integrated health & wellness approach, which understands the importance of balancing physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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Verification of Integrative Professionals

Canada Health Alliance is launching the official Verification of Integrative Professionals (otherwise known as the ‘VIP’) program in Canada.

Our goal through verification is to honour the wisdom and caregiving passions of our members. After the verification committee reviews and accepts a member’s application, CHA will provide a Certificate of Verification. This Annual Certificate will indicate that the individual in question has the training and experience to become one of the following designations: Integrative Health Coach, Integrative Health Counsellor, or Integrative Health Consultant.

At CHA, we aim to simplify health and wellness groups by offering these new certifications, allowing practitioners to work with confidence in a new integrative health-supportive model that enhances the interaction between health professionals and their participants.

Community Health Hubs

At Canada Health Alliance, we believe that Canadians should have a choice when it comes to healthcare. Canadians need options so they can take control of their own health and become active participants in their healthcare decisions, instead of relinquishing that responsibility to others who might not have the same commitment to their health and wellbeing as they do. 

We believe that healthcare should be about improving health and genuinely caring for the person in need. It should not be based on profit or politics.

To achieve this, CHA is developing a national network of Community Health Hubs, working in the best interests of the community they operate in, and are based on the principles of integrative medicine. In this system, we believe you should be able to choose the modality you trust and decide what works best for you to ensure your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

This collaboration is not only with local professionals in your own Community Health Hub, it is a connection across the entire CHAIN (Canada Health Alliance Integrated Network). Practitioners across the CHAIN pool their skills, experience and equipment, and work together as equals to create a parallel healthcare system that enables you to improve your health and wellbeing.