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The Canada Health Alliance is a not-for-profit collaboration of healthcare professionals from across Canada who envision a world inspired by healthy, informed, strong, and free Canadians.

Our mission is to champion optimal health through education, scientific inquiry, collaboration, and open discourse that honours our dynamic connection to nature and innate wisdom.

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The Importance of Focus

Pairodocs … We don’t see what we don’t look for. A closely related issue is that of confirmation bias. We notice facts that support our worldview, and are blind to...
Stephanie Seneff, Greg Nigh, Anthony M. Kyriakopoulos, Peter A. McCullough Innate immune...
Geert Vanden Bossche When a deep understanding of immunology, virology, vaccinology, evolutionary...
Stefan Lanka The present notion of a virus is based on the...

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Tell them you want to keep your doctor!

The BC healthcare system is on the brink of crisis. Dix and Henry want to fire more physicians under the pretense of keeping you safe. You can stop that. Call their offices daily. Tell them you want to keep your doctor!

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