Health Hubs

In response to the overreach of the Canadian government in 2021, a clinical committee was developed within CHA to establish the need for a parallel, integrated healthcare system, grounded in sound ethics, informed consent, and freedom of choice. 

These first progenitors of the Canada Health Alliance dreamed of establishing a new system based on Mind, Body, and Spirit. It would be grounded in preventative lifestyle practices, utilizing the best of allopathic medicine, along with holistic, Eastern and First Nations modalities, based on the energetics governing the human body. 

CHA members and thousands of allopathic and holistic practitioners, and experts in diverse fields, are committed to teaching Canadians how to regain and maintain good health; through self-responsibility, reconnecting to nature, and adopting healthy lifestyles, which ultimately prevents many chronic illnesses. CHA is a grassroots, people-powered initiative committed to establishing fully integrated teams of healthcare professionals in communities across Canada, who collaborate inclusively while selflessly serving the best interests of all.

Some of the foundational knowledge for this preventative approach to healthcare is presented in Dr. Bill Code’s book, Solving the Brain Puzzle.

CHA Health Hubs
and the CHAIN

CHA understands that the health and vitality of Canadians must first be developed at the community level. They have prepared the blueprints of this “New System”, envisaged to be the foundational backbone for future CHA Health Hubs

The CHA sub-committee prepared ideas on how to build a stronger network, utilizing the strengths, skills, and passion of all our members. Our intention is to grow from the original seed of hope into a thriving tree with many branches providing healthcare support. 

The Canada Health Alliance Integrated Network (or CHAIN) will eventually connect the independently operated Community Health Hubs to new provincial and national systems. These CHAINs will share resources, skills, and knowledge, to ensure a viable alternative is set in motion, and redirect our efforts towards genuine preventative health service.

The Vision

The misinformation, censorship, and coercion of the past two years has highlighted the immediate need for community-based healthcare systems. 

CHA members have it within their ability to calm fears, bring hope, and offer support to those who are ill, injured, distraught, feeling hopeless, angry, destitute, and forsaken by their bodies, their culture, and by the corporate-controlled healthcare system.  

The goal is to empower people to become self-responsible, collectively empowered, creatively intuitive, deeply compassionate, and strongly connected at the community level. Our greatest resource has always been the people in our communities and our families, living in respectful balance with each other and with nature.

Empowered communities, that have built these essential support systems, will be the way-showers shining a bright light through the storms of devolution. 

Building a bridge to a new reality is hard work. Having strong networks of highly skilled and dedicated members is paramount for our collective survival and prosperity. The only reliable systems and services that will be available to us in the future will be the ones we build and manage ourselves. The life we once knew, or thought we understood, is changing rapidly and on the deepest levels.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Feeling Inspired?

If you agree with CHA’s mission to build a parallel healthcare system that is truly focused on health and wellbeing, please consider becoming a paid member. If you would like to learn how to establish your own CHA-affiliated Community Health Hub, please contact us!