The Polio Scam Makes a Comeback to Scare More Parents into Vaccinating Their Children – Vaccines NEVER eradicated Polio: Vaccines CAUSE Polio

Brian Shilhavy … Just as there has been throughout the COVID-19 scam, honest doctors came forward over the years to expose the corruption in the polio vaccination campaigns, stating clearly that the polio vaccines were the problem, not the solution, but they were censored and even silenced. … Why must OPV vaccination be stopped? Vaccine-associated […]

How “Forever Chemicals” Might Impair the Immune System

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Carolyn Beans How “forever chemicals” might impair the immune system Stain-resistant carpets and nonstick pots were once the epitome of “better living through chemistry,” their space-age properties conferred by molecules known as perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). But in the early 2000s, researchers began to discover that PFAS were somehow reaching the far- thest corners […]

Vaccines and Genetic Mutation

Harold E. Buttram, Susan Kreider and Alan R. Yurko The writers of this article make no claims of being authorities in the fields of genetics or immunology, but being non-experts may at times carry an advantage in that, viewing more from a distance, one may sometimes perceive things that escape those more closely involved in […]

How Masking Contributes to Long Covid

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Carla Peeters A lingering disorder that can last for months or years is affecting an increasing proportion of the workforce. The symptoms that contribute to Long Covid could be a result of pandemic measures and masking in particular. Increased exposure to microplastics, nanoparticles, chemicals in masks and nasopharyngeal tests parallel many of the symptoms that […]

CDC (Quietly) Removes A Massive Claim on Vaccine Safety

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el gato malo … the CDC just dramatically changed their claims about mRNA vaccine safety … this is a BIG deal as a large part of the safety claim around these drugs was initially predicated on the ideas that they remained localized around the injection site. they were rapidly cleared by the body and did […]

How the Monkeypox Scam Mirrors the COVID Scam–Unbelievable

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Meryl Nass Just like the COVID vaccines, turns out that in the animal experiments, Jynneos did not stop monkeys getting monkeypox, but did stop them from dying.  Since the current strain of monkeypox is mild, and virtually no one dies from monkeypox, this is another reason to avoid these dangerous vaccines like the plague—they won’t […]

Getting an HIV Vaccine to Market – Is That the Real Goal Behind COVID?

Joseph Mercola The COVID-19 vaccine is causing AIDS-like immunodepression, which helps create the perception that we have an urgent need for an HIV vaccine. Several scenarios are now converging to create the suspicion that getting an HIV vaccine to market may be a goal behind COVID-19. The COVID-19 jab is causing AIDS-like immunodepression, which helps […]

Analysis of Health Outcomes in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children”: Developmental Delays, Asthma, Ear Infections and Gastrointestinal Disorders

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Brian S. Hooker and Neil Z. Miller The aim of this study was to compare the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated pediatric populations. … based on a convenience sample of children born into one of three distinct pediatric medical practices, higher ORs were observed within the vaccinated versus unvaccinated group for developmental delays, asthma and […]

Vaxxed, Unvaxxed: The Science

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Children’s Health Defense CHD has assembled nearly 60 studies that find vaccinated cohorts to be far sicker than their unvaccinated peers. 

Read the Fine Print, Part Two – Nearly 400 Adverse Reactions Listed in Vaccine Package Inserts

The Children’s Health Defense Team The inserts communicate the information about adverse reactions in two distinct sections: “Clinical trials experience” (Section 6.1) and “Data from postmarketing experience” from the U.S. or other countries (Section 6.2). In April, 2020, Children’s Health Defense summarized the postmarketing data2 for over three dozen vaccines given routinely to American infants, […]