The Under-reported Role of Toxic Substance Exposures in the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Ronald N. Kostoff et al. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and previous pandemics have been viewed almost exclusively as virology problems, with toxicology problems mostly being ignored. This perspective is not supported by the evolution of COVID-19, where the impact of real-life exposures to multiple toxic stressors degrading the immune system is followed by the SARS-CoV-2 […]

Effect of LNPs on RBCs to Render Them Dysfunctional – Is Obvious

Jessica Rose The LNPs used in the Pfizer and Moderna formulations are a composite of four different lipids (fats): cationic lipids, polyethylene glycol, phospholipids and cholesterol. The latter two are for structural integrity, PEG is for optimizing distribution and stealth qualities in vivo, and the cationic lipids (+) are to hold the mRNA (-) ‘in […]

Proof that Canada’s COVID-19 Mortality Statistics Are Incorrect

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Denis G. Rancourt et al. We make a quantitative comparison between the COVID-19 mortality statistics of the Government of Canada (Public Health Agency of Canada; managed by the Chief Public Health Officer) and calculated total excess all-cause mortality (ACM) (deaths from all causes) for the Covid period. The claimed “COVID-19 deaths” mortality is almost double […]

UK Doctors Call for Government Investigation of mRNA Covid Vaccines

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Doctors for Patients UK Doctors for Patients UK (DFPUK) was launched in September 2022 and has become a fast-growing group of UK doctors who are dedicated to practising ethical, evidence-based, patient-centred medicine. Our group was borne out of increasing concerns that core principles of medical ethics are being disregarded, such as the oath to “First […]


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Manish Bhatia Homeopathy recognizes the individuality of each drug and substance in nature. Its method of testing or ‘proving’ drugs upon the healthy human beings is designed and used for the purpose of bringing out the individuality of each drug so that its full power and relations are established. … As we all have an […]

Ayurveda and the Chakras

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Scott Gerson The concept of the human body as a microcosm of the Universe is one of the most fundamental concepts of Ayurveda. This concept is known as loka-purusha sāmya siddhanta (loka-universe; purusha-human being; samya-sameness; siddhanta-teaching). Ayurveda views the entire creation, including the human body, to be constituted from five fundamental elements (pañca mahabhutas). The […]

Morphic Resonance: Implications for Homeopathy

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Doug Brown Living beings such as humans are self-organizing holes, continuously given opportunities to make choices. Most of the time our actions are guided by habits, which continuously reinforce the morphic field in which we are enfolded. But a remedy with a similar-enough vibration to our own opens up new potentials for self-awareness and links […]

What if Cancer is Not a Disease But a Cure

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Northern Tracey There are so many different theories about what cancer is. The conventional theory is our own cells get out of control (proliferating) and stop dying like normal cells would after a given time period. (Different body cells have differing life-spans and the natural death of a cell is called apoptosis). They carry on […]