Why Listen to an Anesthesiologist in the Middle of a Pandemic?

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Madhava Setty Primum non nocere, “first and foremost, I will do no harm” is a massive commitment, and, as it turns out, nuanced. How does a doctor know that they are not causing harm? They don’t. What doctors are really promising is that “given what I know, I will act and advise my patients in […]

Invasion of Privacy and Abuse of Power by Ontario Doctors’ Regulator

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privacyisyourright.ca Using the declaration of a pandemic as an excuse, the CPSO has started a new and unprecedented attack on Canadian citizens and their privacy. Targeting Ontario doctors who provide patients with information about exemptions, or treatment and prevention of illness related to mask mandates or COVID19 shots, the CPSO begins its own investigation – […]

What You Absolutely Need to Know About Your Biological Terrain

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Aric Cox Many of you have been on protocol, after protocol, after protocol. You have probably taken more supplements than food on some days too. How many times have you tried a homeopathic remedy that “lined up perfectly with your symptoms” or an herbal remedy that “has worked for everyone with your condition” only to […]

Germany’s Top Health Official Admits On-Air COVID Shots Harm 1 in 10,000

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Jeffrey Jaxen Talking to the news host, German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach stated:  “According to the latest research data, severe vaccine injury is very rare. The incidence is less than 1 in 10,000.  Lauterbach broke the golden rule of vaccine messaging – never mention the injuries the vaccine will cause … His pivot was a […]

Keep Your Organs Healthy – and Safe

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Merinda Teller Over the past six decades, solid organ transplantation has gone from an i y experiment to a “standard-of-care” procedure performed on a “near-routine” basis. However, a leading Brazilian neurologist and professor recently furnished some historical context for the rise in transplantation that should give pause. Discussing the origins of “brain death” as a […]