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Why am I So Interested in Shungite?

I am a 70 year old medical doctor who has practiced medicine for over 45 years. I was initially a family doctor in a small Saskatchewan town, called Hudson Bay. Following four years of practice, I decided to do specialty training in anesthesiology and pain management at the University of Calgary. While there, I also did two years of bench research on how anesthetics work on the brain. I then took an academic position at the University of Saskatchewan for the next four years where I achieved tenure as an associate professor. During that time, I participated in an over $1,000,000 grant on stroke research. Subsequently, I moved to Vancouver Island in order to experience a more clinical, hands-on practice.

My time in the operating room ended in 1996 after I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. My journey since then has been that of integrative medicine. I did a two-year fellowship in integrative medicine with Dr Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona, graduating in 2008. I have been on an ongoing voyage since then exploring different ways to improve my brain health. This has transformed into a passion to help all people experiencing pain problems as well as concerns about brain health. I am very sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and was excited to hear about Shungite as a possibility to mitigate this sensitivity. It is my impression that anyone with a neurological challenge is more likely to be very sensitive to EMFs. It is estimated that all humans are sensitive to EMFs although most do not realize it.

I first learned about Shungite, an amazing stone that fell to earth 2.4 billion years ago in what is now Russia and was subsequently “baptized” the Stone of Life, in the spring of 2023. I was sitting in a friend’s backyard in British Columbia having a conversation about electromagnetic fields (EMFs). At that time, a quick check on my phone revealed eight Wi-Fi connections in the immediate vicinity. My friend told me that he was very sensitive to EMFs and was especially prone to insomnia when exposed. After 5G was installed by two of his neighbors, because of their passion for gaming speed, his insomnia became almost unbearable. As we all know, and as has been well established by medical science, that quality of sleep is critical for our well-being and for optimal health.

At this point, my friend decided to try Shungite from Club Excellium ( He purchased two 10-centimeter spheres of natural, Excellium grade Shungite from the Anti-Aging Alliance (AAA). In Russia, where the only source of natural Shungite exists on earth, this quality of Shungite is known as “hospital grade”. My friend placed each sphere on either side of the head of his bed. His sleep immediately improved. That seriously got my attention as quality sleep has long been elusive to me.

Our newest Canada Health Alliance (CHA) board member, Dr. Barry Breger, had ten years of experience diagnosing electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and helping those people mitigate the often debilitating side effects prior to his retirement from medicine in 2022. During the last five years of his practice, Barry was introduced to, and made use of, Excellium grade Shungite in its many forms in his practice. He was amazed at how Shungite helped people cope with this growing, worldwide problem of EHS. With Barry’s assistance, three of our board members, as well as another CHA member, travelled to Prévost, Quebec, north of Montreal, where the AAA headquarters is located. We benefitted from an intense, hands-on, 3-day training session in order to learn about and experience the properties and benefits of this incredible “Stone of Life”.

I am personally very sensitive to EMFs and have been for some years. This is likely a component of my 27-year journey with multiple sclerosis. I initially started with two small purchases. One of these was a belt with 3 pockets of Shungite powder in addition to 2 X 10cm spheres. I wore the belt most of the time when I was out and about in public. We placed 2 spheres in our bedroom exactly as my friend had done. Both my wife and I noticed that our sleep improved, not only in duration but also in quality.

Four of us from the CHA flew to Montreal from Vancouver and Toronto.

We arrived for the training in the evening after a long day of travel. The owner and president of the Anti-Aging Alliance and creator of the Club Excellium, Jacques Dussault, welcomed us at the AAA office and showroom in Prévost. We toasted our anticipated joint venture with some nonalcoholic bubbly. Then Jacques led us into the showroom where there are 10 Jet Lag Buster Lazy Boy reclining chairs. When seated, one is in close proximity to almost 50 kgs of Excellium Grade Shungite mounted on and surrounding the chair. In order to reduce our jet lag fatigue from the flights, Jacques invited us to spend 60 minutes seated on the Jet Lag Buster.

On entering the showroom where we were surrounded by 100s of kgs of Shungite, I immediately noticed that the tightness in my gut completely relaxed. This happened even before sitting on one of the chairs. This astounded me as there are very few things that have ever done this for me previously. I was keen to learn more. We then each sat in a Jet Lag Buster for 60 minutes. It indeed “busted” our jet lag fatigue, and, despite all the hours of travel, we all slept well in our motel that night and felt refreshed in the morning.

During the next three days, we watched many of the over 450 testimonials on the Club Excellium website ( The testimonials were given by people who had experienced great benefit for a wide range of problems. We had long discussions with President Jacques Dusseault,Nathaniel Machabert (Director General of the AAA) and Barry Breger MD.These sessions were very informative as to how Excellium quality Shungite could help us all feel young longer. This intense 3 day training as a Shungite coach, along with the multitude of testimonials we saw, convinced us to form an alliance between the CHA and the AAA . This relationship would help the Anti-Aging Alliance reach Canadians outside of Quebec allowing them to experience the benefits of Excellium grade Shungite.

CHA, on the other hand, would be able to provide an incredible, natural product to its members across Canada at a discounted price and help support CHA’s future endeavors as well as fulfill its mission statement to “champion optimal health”, as well as supporting its vision and honouring its core values as outlined on its website (

The 3 days of training opened our eyes to the many possibilities of using this Stone of Life. As a personal example, on the second day after my arrival in Prévost, I awoke with stuffed up sinuses and my nose running with clear fluids. Much to my amazement, both resolved completely after 40 minutes of our morning hour in the Jet Lag Buster. The improvement lasted for two hours and again resolved completely after another session in the chair. I was hooked. There is no better endorsement than personal experience.

Upon returning home, I ordered a chair for use in my Home Office on Vancouver Island. My intent was that clients experiencing complex pain syndromes and brain issues would sit in the Jet Lag Buster during our initial interview. My hope, and expectation, is that some of them will experience symptom improvement and an increased sense of well-being. In Russia, they say that there is nothing more powerful for the central nervous system than Shungite.

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