Autoimmune Diseases in Chinese Medicine – Part 2

Giovanni Maciocia

Obviously there is no theory of “autoimmune” diseases in Chinese medicine. However, by analyzing the nature of autoimmunity and of the Chinese correspondent of the immune system (which I shall call “defence system”) , we can formulate certain theories.

In my opinion, autoimmunity implies seven aspects from a Chinese perspective which set it apart from other immunity problems (such as allergy or infection):

1) The origin of the derangement of the defence system is deeper than in other diseases;
2) The onset of the pathogenic factor in autoimmune diseases is more insidious (the Chinese word would often be “lurking”); 3) The defence system’s derangement is rooted more in its Yin aspect (Jing, Marrow, Kidneys);
4) A Kidney deficiency is at the root of autoimmunity;
5) Autoimmune diseases have a very complex pathology; 6) We should not equate inflammation with Heat
7) The aetiology of autoimmune diseases is different than ordinary Chinese aetiology

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