Bioterrorism and Homeopathy

Richard Moskowitz

The AIH Bioterrorism Project arose more or less spontaneously after the attacks on the
World Trade Center and the Pentagon in September 2001, followed so soon after by the sickening and death of several individuals coming into contact with weapons-grade anthrax that was mailed to CBS Television News and Democratic Congressional leaders. While the perpetrator of these crimes has never been identified, we soon learned that the material had been manufactured in our own U.S. Army Biological Warfare Laboratories, and that even the tiny amounts contained in these few envelopes was enough to infect and kill many people.

Fear swept the country as millions realized that the Government is essentially powerless to stop a biological attack from a determined enemy, and as unprepared for large-scale biological warfare as for airliners used as explosive weapons, or indeed for serious terrorism generally. The universal outrage and disbelief were further compounded as we learned that the major producer and supplier of biological weapons was and still is none other than our own government, and that whatever capacity Iraq, Al Qaeda, and other hostile nations and terrorist groups now possess very likely originated in our own laboratories or those of our Russian competitors.

Like our allopathic colleagues, homeopathic physicians all over the country were beset with more or less frantic calls from our patients seeking advice about how to protect themselves from anthrax, smallpox, and other potential bioweapons.

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