War? What Is It Good For? Mustard Gas Medicine

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Susan L. Smith Mustard gas, which was named for its yellow-brown colour and mustard smell, has been in the news lately because of its use in the Middle East, including against civilians in Syria and Iraq. Many North Americans would be shocked, however, to learn of the deep connection between mustard gas, a chemical weapon, […]

Blockbuster Weight-Loss Drug Linked to Serious Kidney Issues

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Joseph Mercola Semaglutide, the blockbuster drug being used for weight loss, is slated to bring in more than $10 billion in annual sales but serious adverse e!ects are emerging. A study using data from Eudravigilance, Europe’s system for analyzing adverse reactions to medications, found a high prevalence of gastrointestinal disorders among users. Other semaglutide patients […]

Proof That the Vaccines Were a Military-Backed Countermeasure

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Sasha Latypova Moderna’s injection, mRNA-1273 is co-owned with the US Government, as the company has been funded by the defense research grants for years and also received intellectual property transfers from the US Government, in addition to preclinical and clinical research work conducted for Moderna by the NIH Vaccine Research Center. The NIH and Moderna […]

Criminal Investigation for Excess Deaths Due to Remdesivir

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Joseph Mercola The antiviral drug remdesivir, brand name Veklury, is approved for use against COVID-19 despite research showing it lacks effectiveness and can cause high rates of organ failure. John Beaudoin is calling for a criminal investigation into remdesivir, citing data that it may have killed 100,000 people in the U.S. Beaudoin received all the […]

Pfizer Hid Data on Waning Immunity as Millions Queued to Get Vaccinated

Maryanne Demasi … Regulatory filings date stamped from April 2021 show Pfizer had strong evidence that its vaccine’s efficacy waned – results the company did not publicly release until the end of July. Peter Doshi, associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, accessed these documents from the Canadian drug regulator, Health Canada. […]

Sales of ‘Last-Resort’ Antibiotic Driving Spread of Dangerous Superbugs

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Misbah Khan The global trade in a vital antibiotic for use on livestock farms is still driving the spread of dangerous superbugs in low- and middle-income countries, according to new research. Colistin is a last-resort antibiotic used to treat serious illnesses such as pneumonia when other drugs have not been effective. However, it is also commonly […]