A Primer on Medical Gaslighting

A Midwestern Doctor One of the classic ways an abuser controls their prey is to manipulate the environment so that the abused individual begins doubting their own observations regardless of what is occurring in front of them. … In modern times, this is accomplished by having medical providers all echo the same message that a […]

Flu Shots: What’s Coming Part 2

Sherri Tenpenny As we saw in Part 1 of the influenza shot, most flu shots have been made from eggs for more than 80 years. We also discussed some of the chemicals found influenza vaccines. … In the mid-1990s, the WHO began recommending the use of a cell culture alternative to the egg-based production process. […]

Flu Shots: What’s Coming Part 1

Sherri Tenpenny Historically, influenza shots contained three attenuated (weakened) viruses: two strains of influenza A and one type of influenza B. That changed in 2012 when FluMist became the first, FDA-approved quadrivalent flu vaccine, with two strains of A and two strains of B. Link to Part 2:

Hundreds of ‘Tylenol Lawsuits’ Allege Retailers, Manufacturers Knew Acetaminophen During Pregnancy Could Cause Autism, ADHD

white medication pills on brown surface

Michael Nevradakis Hundreds of “Tylenol lawsuits” already have been led against retailers and manufacturers alleging they sold products containing acetaminophen to pregnant women, knowing the medications could harm the developing fetus. The number of lawsuits could soon reach into the thousands, according to an attorney who spoke to The Defender. Attorney W. Mark Lanier described […]