Harmony and Balance of Sacred Geometry

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Wendy Sterndale ook around and notice one or a combination of the following geometric shapes: circle, square, triangle, hexagon (six-sided shape), pentagon (five-sided shape), or Vesica Piscis (the overlap shape of two circles, similar to a fish). Boil water and watch the shapes that form in the water as it begins to heat and the […]

The Vital Force & The Concept of Resonance

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Ute Seebauer Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on energy. It assumes, that if a patient shows symptoms of disease, these symptoms are not just a materially perceivable disease, but the expression of the disturbed “Vital Force”, the mysterious force – the energy of life, that makes the small but important difference between a […]

Ki: The Vital Force

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W. David Kubiak The concept of ki has gained some currency in the west, having migrated along with oriental medicine, especially acupuncture, and martial arts. But while ki is regularly invoked as an explanatory principle in these disciplines, few practitioners or writers, either Eastern or Western, spend much time intelligibly explaining ki itself. When Westerners […]


Ibrahim Karim From Egypt, the cradle of civilization, there has emerged a modern science that restores the harmony and subtle energy balance in our lives, our environment and modern technology. This science of BioGeometry encompasses the universal laws and natural dynamics affecting living energy systems, which have been largely ignored in our modern civilization at […]

Fields of Being: On Morphic Resonance

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Rupert Sheldrake In this paper Rupert Sheldrake elucidates his controversial hypothesis of morphic fields and morphic resonance, a revolutionary expansion of the idea of Darwinian evolution that accounts for how living organisms assume their different shapes and develop their unique traits. The implications are far reaching and help account for phenomena of interconnectedness (like telepathy) […]

Human Electromagnetism: Frontiers and Theories

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Eugenio Lepine Most of the information in the previous posts has consensus in the scientific community. However, information about human electromagnetism is still incomplete. Many pieces of the puzzle are waiting to be discovered. We need scientific consensus about how many electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are in the human body, and if there is one global electromagnetic field. […]

The Human Electromagnetic Field II

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Eugenio Lepine Let’s focus now on the macroscopic aspects of the human electromagnetic field. Let’s see which organs and parts of the body produce electromagnetism, and if there is any relationship between them. Link to Part I:

The Human Electromagnetic Field I

man in black wet suit standing on sea shore during sunset

Eugenio Lepine This series of posts explains how electromagnetism is created in our bodies and used as an information carrier. The human electromagnetic field is key to understanding how our bodies function, as it stands in between the physical body and the most ethereal parts of ourselves. The Human Body has an electromagnetic-chemical language. This means that the communication and information that […]