World Government Summit: How the Merging of Humans and Technology Will Define the Next 50 Years

Michael Nevradakis As part of the World Government Summit (WGS) last week in Dubai, conference organizers presented the “Government in 2071” initiative — a roadmap for governments to interact with “citizens and stakeholders” in a dramatically shifting future impacted by automation, robotics and climate change. Convened from Feb. 13-15 under the slogan “Shaping Future Governments,” […]

New Surveillance Tech Means You’ll Never Be Anonymous Again

two women facing security camera above mounted on structure

Wired The fight over the future of facial recognition is heating up. But it is just the beginning, as even more intrusive methods of surveillance are being developed in research labs around the world. … The rapidly growing field of behavioural biometrics is based on recognising individuals from their patterns of movement or behaviour. 

Your Health Data – Exploitation of the Most Precious Commodity

black aluminum case Apple Watch and black Fitbit charge 2

Rob Verkerk … the global data revolution is well and truly here and continues to grow at warp speed. History books tell us over and again that as soon as a new commodity becomes highly valued, corruption, greed and exploitation will surface. Guaranteed. … While you might still be reeling from the sheer scale of […]

6G, Internet of Bodies: Globalists Won’t Stop Hacking Humans

Technocracy News Digital identity, digital twins, programmable central bank digital currency, a social credit system, human augmentation and the Internet of Bodies (IoB). These are all part of the dystopian future being rolled out by the globalist cabal as the “solutions” to the world’s problems According to transhumanist propaganda, everyone will benefit from human augmentation. […]

The Rise of Biodigital Surveillance

Aaron Kheriaty Unless we collectively decline to participate in this new social experiment, digital IDs —tied to private demographic, financial, location, movement, and biometric data— will become The New Abnormal. … Plans for digital IDs have been in the works for several years, but they gained traction during the pandemic. ID2020 is a nonprofit alliance […]