Do No Harm: Protect Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

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Canadian Covid Care Alliance It’s easy to forget that pregnancy is a unique and exquisitely normal phase of health. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you may feel overloaded by information and advice. Public messaging repeatedly tells you to get a COVID-19 shot, one of the genetic mRNA products being used as vaccines. What do you […]

How to Ensure Optimal Hormonal Development in Your Child

A Close-Up Shot of a Delicious Breakfast

Sally Fallon During the last few years, a development long simmering in the background, the increased incidence of gender dysphoria—reduced sexual dimorphism and confusion about the defining behaviors of male and female—has appeared on the front pages of our newspapers and in headlines on the Internet. As early as 1948, Dr. Francis Pottenger warned about […]

Technology as Servant: Avoiding Glyphosate in Feminine Hygiene Product

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John Moody/Wise Traditions Winter 2015 … a recent Argentinian study has found glyphosate in tampons. Now, this news in itself, while galling, did not surprise me. Cotton, after all, was one of the first genetically modified (GM) crops, is one of the heaviest consumers of industrial agricultural chemicals—in particular, the herbicide Roundup, whose active ingredient […]

The False Messaging on Vaccines Given to Pregnant Women

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David Bell Recently, a lengthy vaccine evaluation report sponsored by Pfizer and submitted to the Australian regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) dated January 2021 was released under a Freedom of Information request. The report contains significant new information that had been suppressed by the TGA and by Pfizer itself. Much of this relates directly […]

Are the COVID mRNA Shots Affecting Birth Rates

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Josh Mittledorf The early New England Journal of Medicine article that was supposed to reassure us that the vaccines were safe for pregnant women actually included data tables that indicated an 80% miscarriage rate for women vaccinated in their first trimester. A follow-up article was based on a sample skewed heavily toward women vaccinated later […]

Nourishing the New Mother: The Lost Art of Postpartum Care

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Jennifer Grafiada What are the consequences of neglecting the mother in this delicate time period? Some cultures believe that neglect during the immediate postpartum period can have detrimental effects lasting into the woman’s menopausal years and beyond.  … It is no secret that raising a child requires a massive amount of “building block material,” which […]

Microplastics Could Cross Over from Mother to Fetus, Study Shows

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Suzanne Burdick The authors of a peer-reviewed study showing microplastics passed pregnant rats’ intestinal and placental barriers, leading to impaired fetal development, concluded the same could be true for humans. The study, published in Nanomaterials, is the rst to show that microplastics fed to pregnant mammals can reach fetal tissues. … “It is certainly not […]