The Rise and Rhetoric of the Climate Chicken Littles

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Roger Koops For those who may not recall Chicken Little (AKA Henny Penny), the character was derived in the 1880s and was meant to be an allegorical character. Chicken Little was never intended to be the whimsical Disney fantasy character that it became. Chicken Little was infamous for over-exaggerating threats to existence, most notably, with […]

The Climate ‘Consensus’ Trick

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Tristan Coleman Does the latest ‘climate consensus’ study show a genuine agreement among scientists, or just a statistical construct? This article reports on a recently published study which declares an overwhelming consensus among experts – more than 99% – as to the human-cause of climate change. I don’t intend to argue whether there is indeed […]

The Climate Crisis Frenzy is a Mass Hysteria Movement

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William L. Kovac Ever since the Biden administration promised to eliminate fossil fuels, climate activists have combined their quest to use the government to control society with creating a collective group possessed by illusions and excessive fears that climate change is destroying Planet Earth. This Climatism Collective believes that dismantling society will enable government to […]

HAARP is of Global Concern Because of Its Far-reaching Impact

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Rhoda Wilson The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme, or HAARP, started in 1993 when the United States Air Force began construction on a facility in Alaska. The project is jointly funded by the US Air Force, the Navy, and the University of Alaska. Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (“DARPA”). Shortly after the Alaskan facility […]

Is Climate Engineering Real?

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Joseph Mercola U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently interviewed Dane Wigington, founder of, about climate engineering and its hidden role in climate change The White House is considering a plan to block sunlight from hitting the surface of the earth in a bid to halt global warming, a process known as solar […]

Data Shows We’re NOT Seeing Record Heat

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Gregory Wrightstone It was widely reported recently that July 4th, 2023 was the hottest day in Earth’s recorded history. Paulo Ceppi, a climate scientist at London’s Grantham Institute stated: “It hasn’t been this warm since at least 125,000 years ago, which was the previous interglacial.” And, of course, it was reported that it was our […]

Climategate & Investigations of IPCC and CRU: Was There a Pattern of Coverup?

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Tim Ball Every time a serious threat to IPCC climate science appears, whether scientific or political, diversions and counterattacks are implemented. It usually involves people and agencies at the highest levels, with dissemination and support through major media outlets. One of the earliest examples involved changes to the 1995 IPCC Report Chapter 8 comments agreed […]