It is Time to Declare Our Independence from the Vaccinators

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Barbara Loe Fisher … The most vocal proponents of forced vaccination have always filled the ranks of professions that require possession of an advanced academic degree – such as an M.D., Ph.D., J.D. – or other honorific title that automatically confers an elevated status in society with all the respect, economic and social class benefits […]

When Science and Civil Liberties Clash


Helen Dale Coronavirus exposed how human beings argue about incommensurable values. By this, I mean values that are not comparable on some common scale — values that are intrinsically different. Those on one side, who thought managing coronavirus turned on following the science, … and those on the other side, who thought people had a […]

The Higher Truth Coming Out of The Freedom Convoy Was … Love

Lucy Crisetig The Freedom Convoy meant many things to many people. The initial intention of the convoy was to protest the government’s covid mandates for truckers. They, like many of us, went through restrictions that were demeaning, they lost their livelihoods if they didn’t comply or coercively forced them to submit to a medical treatment […]

Invisible Ink Could Reveal Whether Kids Have Been Vaccinated

Karen Weintraub Keeping track of vaccinations remains a major challenge in the developing world, and even in many developed countries, paperwork gets lost, and parents forget whether their child is up to date. Now a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers has developed a novel way to address this problem: embedding the record directly […]

Why Medical Freedom is Prerequisite to All Other Freedoms

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Chris Paige … in a truly wise and enlightened society, we must decide that some means will never be used, regardless of the ends at issue.  If stripping people of their medical freedoms is the only way to save our lives, then we should begin planning our funerals, not our lives after freedom. I know […]