Science Fiction: The Crisis in Research

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Matt Ridley The vast majority of scientists are honest, but recent years have seen many cases of scientific misconduct come to the scientific misconduct come to the surface, implying there is a systemic problem. The financial and reputational rewards that come with headline- generating results make research fraud all too tempting. High–profile papers on stem […]

A Serious Indictment of Modern Cell Biology and Neurobiology

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Harold Hillman Since 1970, I have examined large areas of cell biology and of neurobiology, and I have concluded that the cell biologists have made substantial errors in their experiments, mainly because they have not carried out adequate control experiments, have disregarded the laws of geometry, thermodynamics, chemistry and physics, and have been unwilling to […]

Systemic Treatments for the Cell Danger response

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A Midwestern Doctor In the first part of this series, I discussed the Cell Danger Response (CDR), a mechanism cells rely upon to survive potentially lethal environmental threats. •In the second part of this series, I discussed how regenerative medicine restores non-functional tissue and how targeted injections can rescue cells trapped in the CDR. •In […]

‘Medical Gaslighting’: Physicians Speak Out Against COVID Policies, Call for Reform

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Brenda Baletti The Global Health Project last week released a video titled “The Oath,” in which physicians describe the effect on doctors, patients and the healthcare system of silencing dissent during the COVID-19 pandemic. … The video release marked the launch of the Global Health Project, an organization hoping to raise awareness of the coercive […]

Role of Homeopathy on Infectious Diseases and Alternatives to Antibiotics

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Don J. Scott Berin Towards the end of Louis Pasteur’s life, he confessed that germs may not be the cause of disease after all, but may simply be another symptom of disease. He had come to realize that germs seem to lead to illness primarily when the person’s immune and defense system (what biologists call […]

Rapprochement: The Sensible Approach to Scientific and Medical Misinformation

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John Hardie and Adele Yamada Health care authorities and experts have a lifelong influence on future generations of health care professionals and medical scientists. Commonly, those teachers are paternalistic and even autocratic figures who, with their credentials and egotistical attitudes, communicate personal opinions and experiences to students via lectures, laboratory exercises, clinical rounds, and examinations. […]

Why Did Do Many Doctors Become Nazis?

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Ashley K. Fernandes Medicine and law are intimately connected to one another, and, since the professionalization of medicine in the United States and Europe in the latter half of the 19th century, even more so. One discipline that connects both is moral philosophy; for both law and medicine involve reason and the will, directed toward […]


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Shawn P. Catmull and John V. Ashurst Autotransfusion has not always been a safe procedure. The first known documented procedure of autotransfusion was performed in 1818 by Dr. James Blundell. Dr. Blundell became frustrated by the loss of a patient due to a uterine hemorrhage. Blood transfusions had been attempted for many years before Dr. […]