The Metabolic Approach to Cancer Treatment

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Joseph Mercola Dr. Nasha Winters is a naturopathic physician who specializes in supporting patients with cancer. She also trains clinicians and consults with those treating cancer patients Winters requires five specific tests before she will conduct an initial consultation with a patient. They’re markers to assess the health of the whole body and whether cancer […]

James Caleb Jackson and Bernarr Macfadden: Natural Health Pioneers in Dansville, New York

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Andrew W. Saul … Those who would speak only of the eccentricities of the health “faddists” marginalize their many lasting medical contributions. Too much of what the public hears today effectively distracts it from the real success nature-cure advocates have achieved. When we dwell less on the practitioners’ personalities, and focus more on their actual […]

Medicus Curat: Sungazing Versus Spectacles?

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Francesca Albini & Michele Augusto Riva … In 1920 William Horatio Bates (1860–1931), a successful American ophthalmologist, who studied at Cornell and Columbia universities, published the book Perfect Sight Without Glasses, which claims that all sight problems are due to eye strain, and lays out a method of improving eyesight through various techniques—palming, visualiza- tion, […]

Discussion Paper on 2023 Health Canada Initiatives

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Shawn Buckley Health Canada is moving to:(1) charge natural health product businesses significant new fees;(2) impose new regulatory burdens on natural health product businesses, and (3) give itself dramatic powers over the natural health product community. We are going to lose natural health products and the practitioners that rely on them. Unless Canadians step up […]

The Tuning Fork and the “Soundtherapy”

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Daniele Masala and Valentina Merolle The knowledge of the magic effect of the 440 Hz is really ancient. “The music cannot improve without science”. Pronounced fifty years ago, nowadays this sentence appears almost obvious. John Pierce, the pioneer of musical electronic, well explains the meaning of this sentence The “sound therapy” stimulates the capacity of […]

The Interface Between Homeopathy and Conventional Medicine

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Dana Ullman These are all critical questions that will be increasingly asked as growing numbers of health professionals incorporate homeopathic medicines into their practice. The answers to these questions will not be hard and fast, for each sick person brings his or her own unique illness to the clinic, and each sick person has his […]