What is Oil Pulling?

coconut oil on wooden spoon, coconut oil in glass jar, oil

Joseph Mercola Ayurveda practices included oil pulling to help balance your mind and body, and to strengthen your teeth and gums Your oral health is tied to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, dementia and chronic inammation Oil pulling with coconut oil reduces bacterial growth in your mouth, strengthens your teeth and reduces inflammation in your […]

Dental Problems & Homeopathy

Phil Wander The scope for homeopathy in dental  practice is broad. Help is at hand for a range of different ailments  people commonly experience – pain, discomfort, inflammation, bleeding.  It can have a role in calming dental anxieties, speeding recovery and  making the experience in the dentist’s chair generally a bit more  comfortable. Nobody really […]

Root Canals, Metal Implants, & Chronic Oxidative Stress

IABDM The problem with root canal therapy is it is a flawed therapy, the intention behind doing it is to be able to fully sterilize a tooth which no longer revives blood supply, nerve supply, lymph drainage or any signs of so called life. Anything that is non-vital is usually energetically a break in the […]

Big Pharms’ Fall: Untold Dental History

Ron Carlson An aspect of general infection theory was the focal theory of infection that asserted that “dental foci” could impact the general health of humans.  That these small entities known as bacteria could migrate to other parts through the circulatory system of the body and set up foci of that infection in other organs […]

Root Canal Dangers

Hal Huggins Toxic dental materials have created much havoc in the dental profession, as well as in patient health, for nearly two centuries. Dental mercury fillings, nickel crowns (especially in children, called “chrome crowns”), root canals and cavitations have been the target of concern for a long time.

Routine Dental Extractions Routinely Produce Cavitations

Thomas E. Levy and Hal A. Huggins Cavitations (CVs) are persistent holes found at the extraction sites of permanent teeth after apparent healing has taken place. Current dental literature considers this common phenomenon to be rare. In the scientific literature, CVs have a plethora of synonyms. They have been variably labeled as Ratner, Roberts or […]

The Oral Microbiome & Its Impact on Every Other System in the Body

Mark Burhenne The gut is central to human health, and at its core, gut health is determined by the diversity and population of the gut microbiome (also known as gut microbiota or gut flora). In 2000, the US Surgeon General called the mouth “the mirror of health and disease in the body.” It’s not a closed system. If […]

The Oral Microbiome – An Update for Oral Healthcare Professionals

M. Kilian et al. For millions of years, our resident microbes have coevolved and coexisted with us in a mostly harmonious symbiotic relationship. We are not distinct entities from our microbiome, but together we form a ‘superorganism’ or holobiont, with the microbiome playing a significant role in our physiology and health. The mouth houses the […]