Coronavirus Propaganda: Reflections on an Episode of Mass Self-Haunting

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Colin Alexander Self-haunting concerns the dialogue that an individual has with themselves about what they should be fearful of and could, at a theoretical level, be considered a subdivision of the 20th century French philosopher Louis Althusser’s influential concept of ‘interpellation’: the process by which we internalise the values associated with a culture or ideology. […]

How ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ Formed Society’s Acceptance of COVID Restrictions

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David Marks Historians analyzing the COVID-19 pandemic will one day consider what was going on in the minds of those who supported a narrative that only served profits and power. Looking back, they will greatly appreciate the analysis of contemporary experts, particularly Mattias Desmet, a professor in the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences at […]

The Cult & the Sacrifice

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Paul Bali Health by Hypnosis Milgram showed the majority’s extreme deference to a lab master “dressed in a gray technician’s coat”. [1] To the Dubious at the switch labelled DANGER: SEVERE SHOCK, Milgram’s master sternly warned “The Experiment requires you to continue.” Today’s dubious—those hesitant to mask up, to take the jab, to fire good employees—are told […]

The Psychology of Mimetic Contagion

Aaron Kheriaty My friend and colleague Dr. Mary Talley Bowden recently posed this important question, which has puzzled many people during the pandemic: Such a great question. A friend of mine from the age of 5 won’t have anything to do with me now because of my Covid views. I know we’ve all experienced this. […]