FOI Request Shows Significantly Higher Reports of Serious Adverse Events and Deaths in Moderna Clinical Trial Participants Who Took the mRNA Jab Compared to the Placebo Group

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The Canadian Independent This clinical trial was Moderna’s First 2-dose trial of its mRNA-1273 Covid-19 vaccine conducted back in 2020. One interesting part of Moderna’s mRNA-1273 Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial documents is the 218 pages dedicated to serious adverse events (SAEs) reported during follow up aBer the jabs. These pages categorize the participants into three […]

Chiropractic BioPhysics and Gonstead Tech for Spinal Health

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Joseph Mercola Together, Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP) and Gonstead technique create a strong structural correction program for those with cervical spine degeneration and other spinal misalignment problems Structure dictates function. If your spine is misaligned, your nervous system will be adversely impacted. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments is important for the maintenance of your spine and overall […]

Regenerative Medicine and the Cell Danger Response

A Midwestern Doctor Cells in the body are always at a di6erent level of healing and stress. When too many cells in an area get trapped in their repair cycle and are unable to complete it, function of that area declines and can create a variety of disabling impairments. Cells trapped in their repair cycle […]

FDA Confirms Graphene Oxide is in the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines after being Forced to Publish Confidential Pfizer Documents by Order of the US Federal Court

The Exposé The Covid-19 vaccines have been at the centre of a heated debate since their introduction, with many questions and concerns raised about their safety and effectiveness. Speculation has also been rife that the Covid-19 injections may contain traces of Graphene Oxide, a highly toxic and conductive substance. Medicine regulators, with the support of […]

Serious Harms of the COVID-19 Vaccines: A Systematic Review

Peter C. Gøtzsche and Maryanne Demasi We included 18 systematic reviews, 14 randomised trials, and 34 other studies with a control group. Most studies were of poor quality. A systematic review of regulatory data on the two pivotal trials of the mRNA vaccines found significantly more SAEs of special interest with the vaccines compared to […]

DNA Contamination in Pfizer Monovalent Vaccines

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Anandamide Filippo Brunelleschi won the contract to build the Dome on the Duomo without showing any blueprints or plans. It is rumored he burned his blueprints to prevent competitors from emulating his work. His design stood the test of time and only 1 carpenter died in the construction of the Dome. Modern vaccine manufacturers have […]