Chromo Therapy – An Effective Treatment Option or Just a Myth?? Critical Analysis on the Effectiveness of Chromo Therapy Therapy

Somia Gul et al.

Chromo therapy or commonly color therapy falls under the category of Complementary and Alternative Medicine System (CAMS) of treatment by utilizing electromagnetic radiations with different frequencies which effects human nuerohormonal pathways and can be helpful to cure diseases. It is one of the most successful ancient practices which are now gaining interest as a valid and effective science. It is a well established fact that chromo therapy triggers the specific points in our body and relieves various ailments.

The studies have proved that chromo therapy has tremendous effects on diseases like cancer specially breast cancer, hematoma (red), hepatitis B (combination of various lights), hypertension, neonatal jaundice (blue light), spondylosis, peptic ulcer disease (yellow light), depression and stress, migraine (green light), hyperthyroidism (violet/blue light), alopecia (violet), color blindness (blue/ green) and various skin infections specially cutaneous leishmaniasis (blue and red). Studies have shown that 56.5% individuals of the targeted population, are aware of chromo therapy and 33% of them are in favor that this should prevail as an alternative as well complementary treatment option, due to its minimal or no side effects and its effectiveness.

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