Electromagnetic-Based Wireless Nano-Sensors Network: Architectures and Applications

Ayoud Oukhatar et al.

Recent advances in nano-materials and nanotechnology have paved the way for building integrated devices with a nanometric size, named nano-nodes. These nano- nodes are composed of nano-processor, nano-memory, nano- batteries, nano-transceiver, nano-antenna and nano-sensors, which operate at nano-scale level. They are able to perform simple tasks, such as sensing, computing and actuation. The interconnection between microdevices and nanonodes/nanosensors has enabled the development of a new network standard, called Wireless Nano-Sensors Network (WNSN).

… Nanosensor capabilities to sense nanoscale events together with the development of WNSN protocols will enable the development of new applications. Various intelligent and smart applications in different areas are envisioned for being developed. For instance, we can site healthcare, agriculture, food safety and environmental and certain cross-domain scenarios.

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