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Five Simple Questions for Virologists

Tom Cowan

Question One: Can you give us a reference in which this step has been done for any pathogenic virus, and, if this reference doesn’t exist, explain why not?

Question Two: Can you define what the term “isolation” means to you, and whether you agree that the above process is a scientifically based isolation procedure?

Question Three: Can you point us to a study in which this clear experiment has been done? If it doesn’t exist, please explain why. If the reason is that you can’t find the purified virus in any fluid of any sick plant, animal, or human, then are you willing to acknowledge that the only experiment one could do to prove the existence of these viruses simply can’t be done? If you agree that this experiment can’t be done, could you please refer us to a paper that shows how a “viral culture” is experimentally validated with proper controls at every step of the experiment? 

Question Four: If this is true, when you inoculate unpurified lung samples onto cell cultures, presumably containing gazillions of these viruses, why is the only virus that “grows” the one you’re looking for, i.e., SARS-CoV-2? Why aren’t these other viruses seen, photographed, and found in the broken-down cell culture?

Question Five: Finally, can you offer other examples of “things” that are claimed to exist solely through the finding of pieces of that thing? To be clear, if no records of a purified virus such as SARS-CoV-2 exists, by what logic or scientific principles can one claim to prove that any piece, such as an antigen or genome, has come from that “thing?”

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