Hundreds of ‘Tylenol Lawsuits’ Allege Retailers, Manufacturers Knew Acetaminophen During Pregnancy Could Cause Autism, ADHD

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Michael Nevradakis Hundreds of “Tylenol lawsuits” already have been led against retailers and manufacturers alleging they sold products containing acetaminophen to pregnant women, knowing the medications could harm the developing fetus. The number of lawsuits could soon reach into the thousands, according to an attorney who spoke to The Defender. Attorney W. Mark Lanier described […]

Moms Were Right: Acetaminophen During Pregnancy Can Cause ADHD, Austism

James Lyons-Weiler It is well established that vaccination leads to fever. Fever leads to acetaminophen use. The Moms told us years ago that they knew that acetaminophen depletes glutathione, impairing whole-body detoxification. Neurodevelopmental disorders follow. Now, there are major lawsuits against the manufacturers of acetaminophen for compensation for the cost of neurodevelopmental disorders that follow […]

Tylenol Use in Babies, Children Raises Risk of Autism, New Review Shows

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Julie Comber The authors of a new review of the drug acetaminophen (paracetamol), sold under the brand names Tylenol and Panadol, are sounding the alarm about the use of the drug in infants and children, citing the drug’s association with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). … The review, published in the July issue of Minerva Pediatrics, offers […]