Vaccines and the Brain Powerful scientific evidence shows 2 ways vaccines cause brain damage: Aluminum Adjuvant Toxicity Immune System Activitation

How Can Vaccines Cause Damage?

No vaccine is perfectly safe. An adverse event can be said to be caused by a vaccine (i.e., a true reaction) if it is associated with a specific laboratory finding and a specific clinical syndrome or both. Alternatively, a clinical or epidemiological study is needed to find out whether the rate of a given syndrome […]

FDA Authorizes ‘Traditional’ Novavax COVID Vaccine, But Critics Question Safety Claims

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Julie Comber The Novavax vaccine relies on a protein-based technology used for decades, leading some media outlets to portray it as a “traditional” vaccine compared with other COVID-19 vaccines that use newer technologies. … Novavax “may appeal to the sliver of the population allergic to components of the messenger RNA vaccines developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, or […]