Paper for a Parliamentary Peer, So Far Unactioned

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Tess Lawrie So many of us have duly presented such evidence to those with the power to influence policy. I recently received this remarkable paper, based on correspondence by someone who is related to a number of members of the UK’s House of Lords. In it, the relation explains, point by salient point, why she […]

The Time of COVID: A Report by Phillip M. Altman

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Phillip M. Altman et al. An Australian perspective … It is abundantly clear that there has been repression and suppression in scientific circles and the media of any views or suggestions that run counter to the government/mainstream narrative. However, many studies now indicate that the Covid19 vaccines, especially the mRNA vaccines, are less than ‘safe […]

NIH Study Reveals COVID-19 Vaccines Potentially Linked to Neurological-based Injury

TrialSite Staff Although small, not yet peer reviewed, and barely mentioned by any media when it first was uploaded to a preprint server three months ago, a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-sponsored observational study in the form of a clinical evaluation involved patients with new onset paresthesia’s (abnormal sensations often caused by pressure or damage to […]

Adverse Events Associated with Childhood Vaccines: Evidence Bearing on Causality

Institute of Medicine (US) Vaccine Safety Committee Childhood immunization is one of the major public health measures of the 20th century and is now receiving special attention from the Clinton administration. At the same time, some parents and health professionals are questioning the safety of vaccines because of the occurrence of rare adverse events after […]

Deaths After Vaccination in Pfizer Trial Not Fully Investigated, New Documents Reveal

Will Jones Three participants in the Pfizer Covid vaccine trial died shortly after vaccination and their deaths were not fully investigated, it has been revealed. … it’s not clear how the investigator and Pfizer can be so sure the death was unrelated to the vaccine when there was no autopsy and no thorough medical assessment.  […]

Case Reports of Acute Transverse Myelitis Associated with mRNA Vaccine for COVID-19

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Hyunjong Eom et al. Acute transverse myelitis (ATM) has been reported as rare complication of vaccination. Herein, we report 2 cases of ATM after the administration of an mRNA vaccine for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The first one is an 81-year-old man who received the BNT162b2 vaccine. He presented with bilateral hand weakness. Spine magnetic […]