When It Comes to Infant Milk Allergies, Many Questions Rrmain

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Christina Szalinski (Undark) But while the evidence suggests that [Cow’s milk protein allergies] rates are climbing, the source of that increase remains unclear. Some experts say part of the reason is that doctors are getting better at recognizing symptoms. Others claim the condition is overdiagnosed, which could have health consequences, such as an increased risk […]

Gemmotherapy: A Powerful Modality for Treating Allergies

Robin DiPasquale Gemmotherapy remedies are extracted from the buds, the new shoots, and the new rootlets of a plant. Many of the bud extracts are prepared from trees – some familiar to herbalists, as well as many other trees not generally used in herbal medicine. The new shoots come from the shrubs, Ribes nigrum among them. The […]

A Dangerous Inactive Ingredient

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Harld R. Gielow Consumers often have the need to check a product’s ingredients and this is especially true for those with allergies to certain substances. Such access to product information is essential for individuals to protect themselves from harm by exposure to ingredients to which they have known sensitivities. For the most part, such labeling […]

Read the Fine Print, Part Two – Nearly 400 Adverse Reactions Listed in Vaccine Package Inserts

The Children’s Health Defense Team The inserts communicate the information about adverse reactions in two distinct sections: “Clinical trials experience” (Section 6.1) and “Data from postmarketing experience” from the U.S. or other countries (Section 6.2). In April, 2020, Children’s Health Defense summarized the postmarketing data2 for over three dozen vaccines given routinely to American infants, […]

Is Eating Insects Safe? The Hidden Dangers of Insect Consumptom

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new realities. The narrative of climate pros of eating insects are seeping into mainstream consciousness again. Eat bugs, use less land, less CO2, feed people cheaply for more profit. But the narrative of human and animals cons of eating insects loom large, while many potentially life-threatening unknowns — from new cross-species viruses, mycotoxin outbreaks — to […]

Ending the Peanut Allergy Epidemic

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Thinking Moms’ Revolution In the early 1990s, tens of thousands of children with severe food allergy arrived for kindergarten at schools across Canada, the U.K., Australia and the U.S. This sudden phenomenon of life-threatening allergy in kids only in specific countries occurred simultaneously, without warning, and quickly intensified. … The much anticipated five-year LEAP study […]