Alzheimer’s Disease and Osteopathy

Ari Chow With Alzheimer’s disease being an illness that has as yet a cure or reliable preventive measure, this thesis aims to examine how osteopathy could potentially be beneficial in the alleviation and in support of the healing of the disease.

Do the Mysterious Fibrous Clots Really Exist?

A Midwestern Doctor One of the major di culties over the past year, with which people have had to come to terms is that of people dying suddenly months a er receiving a vaccination. This di culty is because you must be open to each of the following: •Everyone who should have been responsible for […]

Why Isn’t There A Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease?

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A Midwestern Doctor One of the most challenging diseases of aging is Alzheimer’s disease. … Given the enormous economic and social cost of Alzheimer’s disease (which any of you will understand if you have a relative with Alzheimer’s), one must ask why no treatment has ever been found for it. The answer is quite simple: […]

An Incredible Paper Was Just Published: It’s Incredible in Terrifying ways

Jessica Rose The bottom line of this incredible work is that there are two amyloidogenic proteins in the Open Reading Frames (ORF) 6 and 10 from SARS-nCoV-2 (the ORF-10 one does not have a homologue in SARS-nCoV – that means it’s unique to SARS-nCoV-2), that form crystalline amyloid structures independently, and together, at room temperature!, […]

Amyloid and Hydrogel Formation of a Peptide Sequence from a Coronavirus Spike Protein

Valeria Casteletto, Ian W. Hamley Amyloid and Hydrogel Formation of a Peptide Sequence from a Coronavirus Spike Protein We demonstrate that a conserved coronavirus spike protein peptide forms amyloid structures, differing from the native helical conformation and not predicted by amyloid aggregation algorithms. We investigate the conformation and aggregation of peptide RSAIEDLLFDKV, which is a […]

Severe COVID, Long COVID, and Spike-protein Induced Systemic Amyloidosis as an Autocatalytic Reaction: It is Not a Question of Amyloid or Prion, It is Dependent on the Rate of Protein Autocatalysis and the Host’s Ability to Contain it – The Spike Protein as Novel “Prioloid”

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Walter M. Chestnut … the Spike Protein behaves as BOTH A PRION AND AN AMYLOID! A TALE OF TWO RACES: THE BODY VS A VIRAL INFECTION, THE BODY VS A SECONDARILY INDUCED PROTEINACEOUS INFECTION The “doses” are being repeatedly given. Over and over. Infection. Transfection. Who among us can halt the “autocatalytic turnover of the […]