I Don’t Think It’s Myocarditis, I Think It’s Injection-Induced Cardiac Amyloidosis

Jessica Rose Cardiac Amyloidosis or Stiff Heart Syndrome is caused by deposits of abnormal proteins in the heart tissue. This results in the heart ceasing to function properly due to the replacement of normal heart muscle tissue with amyloids. Cardiac Amyloidosis is associated with thick heart walls and large atria. It can affect electrical conductivity […]

Let’s Tag Team This Until Everybody Understands: The Modified Spike Protein is Dangerous and For Very Specific Reasons

human heart scale model

Jessica Rose There’s an article that was published yesterday… [that] confirms that the structures inducing arterial embolisms in post-injected individuals are not blood clots … I think we are dealing with a devilishly insipid hand-crafted (modified) RNA whose protein by-products (that appear to be multi-dimensional), following either translation, or digestion for MHC presentation, are amyloidogenic. Clinical presentation […]

RSFIEDLLFNKV … Are We Looking at Weaponized Amyloidosis?

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Jessica Rose … the number of Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease (CJD)/prion disease reports in VAERS since the deployment of the COVID-19 injections has far surpassed the background rate for the U.S. for the year … A series of experiments were done using a coronavirus spike-derived peptide RSAIEDLLFDK(V). They found that this coronavirus spike peptide has really interesting […]