Environmental Levels of Triclosan and Male Fertility

Joanna Jurewicz et al. Environmental levels of triclosan and male fertility Triclosan is a synthetic chemical with broad antimicrobial activity that has been used extensively in consumer products, including personal care products, textiles, and plastic kitchenware, although the exposure which is widespread evidence from human studies is scarce. Our study aims to investigate the relationship […]

What Happened to Triclosan? A Lingering Legacy of the Hyper-Hygiene Eratoxicity

person holding white plastic spray bottle

Kelly Crowe … Hundreds of cosmetic and cleaning products contained triclosan, including, at one point, almost all of the antibacterial liquid soap that was sold to consumers. … Government health agencies began questioning the safety of triclosan almost a decade ago, at the height of a hygiene craze after antibacterial soaps and cleansers had already swept the […]