RSV: 3 Routes to Stay Out of the Hospital

baby sleeping on black surface This post contains: At home treatments for RSV in a 2 month old How to use saline in a nebulizer to help clear airway infections Going the homeopathic route for chest infections … When should you take your child to the hospital for urgent medical care? “Pay attention to your child’s breathing,” stresses Dr. […]

Covid-19 and Pregnancy: Guidance for Moms and Babies

World Council for Health Mounting evidence indicates that pregnant or breastfeeding women and those trying to conceive should not get vaccinated with the experimental Covid 19 vaccines. Healthy pregnant women are at no more risk of getting Covid-19 than the general population and healthy people under 50 are at low risk of severe disease, hospitalisation, […]

Fetal Flouride Intake Levels Exceed Safety Thresholds Most fluoride intake is from fluoridated tap water, which pregnant women are told to drink throughout the day. When a pregnant woman consumes fluoride, so does her baby. This means for babies in the months before birth, their daily AI of fluoride (0.049 mg/kg/day) is 35 times higher than it is for babies in the months after […]

Tylenol Use in Babies, Children Raises Risk of Autism, New Review Shows

white medication pills on brown surface

Julie Comber The authors of a new review of the drug acetaminophen (paracetamol), sold under the brand names Tylenol and Panadol, are sounding the alarm about the use of the drug in infants and children, citing the drug’s association with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). … The review, published in the July issue of Minerva Pediatrics, offers […]

The Facts About Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Risks to Unborn Babies

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Linnea Wahl As we all know, there is much conflicting information on the internet about the safety of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine during pregnancy. Official health sources recommend the Pfizer vaccine as safe for pregnant women and their babies (for example, US Centers for Disease Control, On the other hand, many sources suggest grave […]