Coping With Stress the Bach Flower Way

Balaji Deekshitulu Stress management strategies such as Bach Flower Remedies are an excellent way to begin the long, hard climb back from the chaotic, stressful world, in which many of us reside. For emotional stress management, Bach Flower Essences are, by far, the best of the stress management products on the market today. The amazing […]

Autoimmune Diseases and the Bach Flower Remedies

A woman holding a heart

Nada Marković Namely, in the case of the autoimmune diseases, as a reaction to the damage or the trauma, there is an inflammatory reaction of the tissue under attack. The trauma occurs on account of the attack carried out by one’s own immune system cells against one’s own tissues. Here the body defends itself from […]

Selection of Bach Flowers for Improving Sleep Quality

Calm Asian female wearing white pajama sleeping in comfortable bed with white sheets near modern mobile phone in morning

Sheila Katia Cozin Nosow and Maria Filomena Ceolim Objective: to promote a reflection on the proposal for selection of five Bach flower useful for the improvement of sleep quality. Method: a descriptive study, reflective theoretical type, from the PubMed search tool, articles published in MEDLINE database, and books with original data on Bach flowers. Results: […]