Novel Foods: A Risk Profile for the House Cricket (Acheta Domesticus)

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X. Fernandez-Cassi et al. Novel foods could represent a sustainable alternative to traditional farming and conventional foodstuffs. Starting in 2018, Regulation (EU) 2283/2015 entered into force, laying down provisions for the approval of novel foods in Europe, including insects. This Approved Regulation establishes the requirements that enable Food Business Operators to bring new foods into […]

What if Cancer is Not a Disease But a Cure

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Northern Tracey There are so many different theories about what cancer is. The conventional theory is our own cells get out of control (proliferating) and stop dying like normal cells would after a given time period. (Different body cells have differing life-spans and the natural death of a cell is called apoptosis). They carry on […]

The Amino Age and the New abNormal Doctors

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Northern Tracey mRNA is apparently the only new cure for all our ills. They’re even giving this new era in medicine a name calling it the ‘Amino Age’ but is it all it’s cracked up to be? … The amino age is the offered solution but is it a solution at all or just another […]

A New Bacterial Disease? No, It’s Just More Fearmongering

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Dawn Lester In the past few days there have been a number of media reports about a new potentially dangerous ‘disease’, although at the moment it seems to be confined to the UK, as can be seen by a 2nd December BBC article entitled Six children die with Strep A bacterial infection … It would […]

The Germ Theory: A Deadly Fallacy

Dawn Lester The vast majority of people around the world believe that the healthcare system promoted by the agencies responsible for public health, especially the WHO, is firmly based on ‘sound science’. This system, known as ‘modern medicine’, is perceived to represent an ‘elite’ branch of science, which suggests that any other approach to healthcare […]

Short-Term Benefits and Long-Term Damage Ingesting Probiotics, Antiobiotics and Enzymes

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Robert O. Young Taking probiotics and enzymes can have perceived health benefits with many long-term harmful effects! Probiotics and enzymes are acidifying to the body and therefore should not be ingested for long periods of time. Probiotics are biological transformations of what use to be healthy organized matter into bacteria, yeast and/or mold. All bacteria […]

Debunking 5 Popular (and False) Notions About the 1918 Spanish Flu

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John Varoli Did the Spanish Flu really kill 50 to 100 million people? Did the pandemic last 2 years? Was the influenza virus really the killer? Did government censorship prevent the public from hearing about a deadly disease spreading in 1918? Did everyone wear masks and were they effective? Was Philadelphia’s Liberty Loans Parade a […]