You’ve Been “Nudged”

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Canadian Covid Care Alliance All over the world officials are using an advanced behavioural science model called NUDGE(Thaler & Sunstein, 2019) to watch and modify our behaviours. In Canada, that program is called Impact Canada and has been used to: Image: Vadim Bogulov @ Unsplash

Rockefeller Foundation, Nonprofits Spending Millions on Behavioural Psychology Research to ‘Nudge’ More People to Get COVID Vaccines

Michael Nevradakis The Rockefeller Foundation, the National Science Foundation (an “independent” agency of the U.S. government) and other nonprofits are pouring millions of dollars into a research initiative “to increase uptake of COVID-19 vaccines and other recommended public health measures by countering mis- and disinformation.” … The funds will support 12 teams of researchers in […]

We Need a Robust Ethical Framework to Curb the State’s Use of Behavioural Science

Gary Sidley Since the advent of the covid-19 era in early 2020, many countries across the world have deployed behavioural science interventions – often referred to as ‘nudges’ – to strengthen their communication strategies and thereby increase compliance with the pandemic restrictions and subsequent vaccine rollout. These state-sponsored psychological methods of persuasion raise important ethical […]