The Rise of Biodigital Surveillance

Aaron Kheriaty Unless we collectively decline to participate in this new social experiment, digital IDs —tied to private demographic, financial, location, movement, and biometric data— will become The New Abnormal. … Plans for digital IDs have been in the works for several years, but they gained traction during the pandemic. ID2020 is a nonprofit alliance […]

Jab 2.0 for Humanity 2.0 – Hurtling Down the AI-to-Vaxx Pipeline

Joe Allen Artificial intelligence is pulling new vaccines out of the Platonic realm. Automated labs are on standby, prepared to crank out alien strands of mRNA and pack them into toxic nanoparticles. A billion empty syringes are waiting on shelves. … Google. Moderna. Microsoft. They’re all racing to the edge. This is corporate transhumanism in all its […]