What’s Missing From Climate Debate

white and brown chicken in cage

Vandana Shiva/Navdanya International “The destabilisation of the Earth’s climate systems is the consequence of violating the ecological processes and cycles of the earth, violating the Rights of the Earth, Rights of Indigenous People, and the Rights of Future Generations. “Fossil fuels have driven how we grow our food and produce our clothing over the past […]

What Happens When the Food Web is Broken – And How to Fix It

person holding orange and green shrimp

Vandana Shiva The web of life is a food web, and we are interconnected with natural systems and all living things. Thus, food sovereignty is primarily an ecological process of co-creation with other life forms. Food sovereignty begins with the right of all living things, of biodiversity and “living” seeds to thrive and evolve, with […]

There’s No Such Thing As a Green Vegan

Close-Up Photo Of Cakes Near Glass Window

Mary Harrington Go meatless to save the earth! After all, the meat industry contributes 14.5% of the planet’s entire carbon emissions, gobbles up 26% of the globe’s ice-free surface for grazing and a further 33% for feed production, pollutes water, impacts biodiversity, and of course — in its industrialised form — is shockingly cruel to animals. With all these arguments, […]