PI Water: More Than Just Energised H2O

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Stefan Lanka There are several ways to add energy to water. Through movement, irradiation, pressure, heating and the dissolving of substances. One help in deciding whether and which method of energising water is helpful for humans, animals and plants is to answer the question, what does nature do? Does nature energise water when biological life […]

The Liquid Crystalline Organism and Biological Water

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Mae-Wan Ho et al. The organism is a dynamic liquid crystalline continuum with coherent motions on every scale. Evidence is presented that biological (interfacial) water, aligned and moving coherently with the macromolecular matrix, is integral to the liquid crystallinity of the organism; and that the liquid crystalline continuum facilitates rapid intercommunication throughout the body, enabling […]

What Causes Water to Move Inside the Body?

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A Midwestern Doctor … one of the most interesting characteristics of liquid crystalline water is that it effectively functions as an energy source living systems can utilize. Its ability to spontaneously move into a more structured form (which the muscles, for example, utilize) is one such example. … Sadly, beyond the dangers of blood clots […]

What You Absolutely Need to Know About Your Biological Terrain

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Aric Cox Many of you have been on protocol, after protocol, after protocol. You have probably taken more supplements than food on some days too. How many times have you tried a homeopathic remedy that “lined up perfectly with your symptoms” or an herbal remedy that “has worked for everyone with your condition” only to […]

Chemtrail Syndrome: A Global Pandemic of Epic Proportions

The Health Coach For those who are aware that they have been exposed to this planetary scourge, now is the time to understand the profound correlations between your day-to-day health status and the incidence/intensity of regular chemtrailing of the skies overhead. … The numerous anecdotal and clinical observations which follow are the product of various […]