The Borax Conspiracy

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Walter Last Due to their content of boron, borax and boric acid have basically the same health effects, with good antiseptic, antifungal, and antiviral properties but only mild antibacterial action. In plants as well as animals boron is essential for the integrity and function of cell walls, and the way signals are transmitted across membranes. […]

Borax, Boron, Boric Acid and Your Health

Amandha Dawn Vollmer Elemental boron, boron oxide, borates, and many organoboron compounds are non-toxic to humans and animals. … Small amounts of borax are very beneficial, please read the info to understand. Boron is very much needed for a healthy body. According to conventional medicine, it is not known if boron is essential for humans […]

Borax Cures and Health Benefits Commonly used as a natural cleaning agent, borax’s reported number of successful treatments and health benefits are extensive. Additionally, this remedy is easy to make and very inexpensive. Earth Clinic readers have used the borax remedy for over 15 years to treat chronic illnesses, including autoimmune diseases, hormone problems, and chronic pain. Sodium borate […]