MPs Vote to Order Release of Canada’s COVID Vaccine Contracts Despite Pfizer’s Objections

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LifeSiteNews Despite executives pleading otherwise, Canadian MPs in the House of Commons public accounts committee have voted to mandate the Department of Public Works hand over the country’s clandestine COVID-19 vaccine contracts with Pfizer for investigation.  … Canada’s Department of Health signed multiple COVID vaccine contracts in 2021 and 2022 with seven different manufacturers. Those […]

Assisted Dying in Canada Has Been Captured by a Medical Ideology

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Scott Kim Now that the Canadian government has introduced a bill to delay implementing psychiatric MAID – assisted dying for people whose sole underlying condition is a mental illness – this is a good time to step back and reflect on how Canada got here. Last week’s release of a joint parliamentary committee’s report on […]

First, Do No Harm

Mark S. Komrad Canada just passed a law that radically changes the boundary between acceptable and unacceptable medical practice and has opened a path to euthanasia for patients with psychiatric illness who find their conditions unbearable. In 2016, Canada passed Bill C-14, a law permitting medical euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, together known as Medical Aid […]

An Appeal to All Canadians

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Philip Oldfield Over the past couple of years, I have written letters to my local MP, Dr. Theresa Tam, theRCMP National Division, as well as to the provincial Ministers of Health, and both theQuebec and Ontario Premiers regarding my concerns with the management of the COVID19 pandemic, as well as the safety and efficacy of […]

The Higher Truth Coming Out of The Freedom Convoy Was … Love

Lucy Crisetig The Freedom Convoy meant many things to many people. The initial intention of the convoy was to protest the government’s covid mandates for truckers. They, like many of us, went through restrictions that were demeaning, they lost their livelihoods if they didn’t comply or coercively forced them to submit to a medical treatment […]

A Deeper Dive into the Publicly Available Ontario Data on COVID-19 Vaccination

An Independent Researcher The purpose is to conduct a deeper analytical dive into the graphs and charts of the publicly available data on vaccinations. It is hoped that this exploratory data analysis will highlight information to enable evidenced-based public health policy development for this stage of SARS-CoV-2. … This report is prepared for the Liberal […]

Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFIs) for COVID-19 in Ontario: December 13, 2020 to September 11, 2022

Public Health Ontario This report provides a summary of adverse events following immunization (AEFIs) that are temporally associated (i.e., occur after receiving the vaccine) with receipt of COVID-19 vaccine and meet the provincial surveillance definitions (i.e., confirmed). It is important to note that AEFIs described in this report are defined as any untoward medical occurrences […]

Excess Deaths Contradict Narrative of Success

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom Microsoft Word – 2022-09-03 Excess Deaths Contradict Narrative of Success_LN5[27].docx New data on excess deaths suggests that Government responses to Covid have not been successful. Canadian federal and provincial governments, health agencies, and media organizations are now assessing the quality and efficacy of the Canadian response to the Covid pandemic. […]