Case Studies on Chronic (Long Term) Toxicity of Non-Degradable Nanomaterials

Jun Kanno This series of studies aimed at feeding back the chronic toxicity information to the developers of nano-products before they are massively produced and consumed, or in other words, before they are exposed to the public in an uncontrollable fashion. Based on such information, the developers/ manufactures can produce safer product to foster the […]

Medical Nanobiosensors: A Tutorial Review

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Hamideh Razavi, Sajad Janfaza A sensitive monitoring of biological analytes, such as biomolecules (protein, lipid, DNA and RNA), and biological cells (blood cell, virus and bacteria), is essential to assess and avoid risks for human health. Nanobiosensors, analytical devices that combine a biologically sensitive element with a nanostructured transducer, are being widely used for molecular […]

Potential Toxicity and Safety Evaluation of Nanomaterials for the Respiratory System and Lung Cancer

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Thomas Vlachogianni et al. Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) are a diverse group of materials finding increasing use in manufacturing, computing, food, pharmaceuticals, and biomedicine due to their very small size and exceptional properties. Health and safety concerns for ENMs have forced regulatory agencies to consider preventive measures and regulations for workers’ health and safety protection. Respiratory […]