5G Towers Can Make Healthy People Sick, Two Case Reports Show

Suzanne Burdick A new case report shows that two previously healthy men rapidly developed typical “microwave syndrome” symptoms shortly after a 5G cell tower was installed on the roof of their o ce. According to the report, published Feb. 4 in the Annals of Clinical Case Reports, the men experienced headaches, joint pain, tinnitus, abnormal […]

Cell Phone Health Risk?

Allan H. Frey … The controversy over whether the technology poses a risk to human health is substantial. And while much of science could be considered controversial, what has, and is, happening in microwave research is not a routine scientific dispute. Concerns about the health risk of cell phones, confusion regarding the evidence for or […]

EU Regulators ‘Dismissed Evidence’ Linking Glyphosate to Rodent Tumours

Arthur Neslen EU regulators dismissed key scientific evidence linking glyphosate to rodent tumours in a positive assessment they gave for continued sales of the substance last week, according to a new report by environmental campaigners. Glyphosate is the world’s most widely used weedkiller and its EU relicensing has become a touchstone in a wider battle between environmentalists and agribusiness over the […]