Revisiting Excess Diagnoses of Illnesses and Conditions in Children Whose Parents Provided Informed Permission to Vaccinate Them

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James Lyons-Weiler, Russell L. Blaylock Controversy over a reported increase in office visits specifically scheduled for illnesses and conditions in children has stalled progress in understanding adverse outcomes associated with an increasingly crowded schedule of pediatric vaccines. Studies finding associations between vaccines and adverse conditions have been targeted for retraction. Here, we revisit data from […]

How Modern Medicine Fails to Protect Children From Chronic Disease

Nate Doromal While the COVID-19 pandemic brought about widespread changes to our daily lives, forcing us to reexamine our lifestyle and values in the wake of the crisis, it also brought widespread examination and criticism of our medical system. … Now health authorities are pushing the COVID-19 vaccines for children despite the questionable risk benefits […]

Vaccines and Genetic Mutation

Harold E. Buttram, Susan Kreider and Alan R. Yurko The writers of this article make no claims of being authorities in the fields of genetics or immunology, but being non-experts may at times carry an advantage in that, viewing more from a distance, one may sometimes perceive things that escape those more closely involved in […]