Dietary Copper and Human Health: Current Evidence and Unresolved Issues

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Muriel Bost et al. Although copper (Cu) is recognized as an essential trace element, uncertainties remain regarding Cu reference values for humans, as illustrated by discrepancies between recommendations issued by different national authorities. This review examines human studies published since 1990 on relationships between Cu intake, Cu balance, biomarkers of Cu status, and health. It […]

What Causes Alzheimer’s Disease?

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A Midwestern Doctor … In the case of AD, there has been a tunnel vision focus upon amyloid plaques being its cause and countless failed attempts to treat AD by removing those plaques, with some of the examples highlighted in the previous article bordering on absurdity. … There are three key reasons why the story […]

The Biotech Tipping Point

Guy Hatchard … Excess all-cause mortality is rising around the world, especially in countries with high vaccination rates like New Zealand, Australia, and Portugal. … At what point will people ask why are they constantly falling sick and why are they finding that others are in the same boat? Few people are aware of the […]