And On and On it Goes …

Kid hiding on Pillows

Dawn Lester It seems that many people wonder why the ‘no virus’ issue remains important now that the ‘pandemic’ is over. To add to that, there are some people in the ‘freedom movement’ who have recently asserted that there are many aspects of the globalists’ agenda that are not related to health and are far […]

Your Cold is the Cure

Amandha Dawn Vollmer There are no contagious germs, just contagious habits. Knowing that your expressive symptoms are the body’s mechanism for communication and healing is something “big harma” doesn’t want you to be empowered with. Are you full of toxins and are operating nutritionally deficient? Well, there’s your trouble. The change of seasons is one […]

Contagion – Fact Checked

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Northern Tracey So if you take away the germ theory what is left? QUESTIONS. A gaping hole that needs answers. Now I can’t possibly speak to every case people will throw at me because there could be any number of reasons why people fall ill. They have to be looked at individually and personally. But- […]

Killing the Germ Theory

Amandha Dawn Vollmer Since microorganisms are pleomorphic (they change shape) based on the pH and toxicity of the terrain, how can they be categorized and said to cause a specific disease? And then how can you make a “shot” for them? How can something even have “immunity” to them when they are your own cells […]