Food Barons 2022: Crisis Profiteering, Digitalization and Shifting Power

ETC Group ETC Group’s 2022 update of corporate concentration offers a snapshot of the world’s Food Barons – the biggest players up and down the industrial food and agriculture chain. We examine the leading corporations that control each of 11 key industrial “agrifood” sectors: seeds, agrochemicals, livestock genetics, synthetic fertilizers, farm machinery, animal pharmaceuticals, commodity […]

The Public Health Playbook: Ideas for Challenging the Corporate Playbook

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Jennifer Lacy-Nichols, Robert Marten, Eric Crosbie, Rob Moodie Many commercial actors use a range of coordinated and sophisticated strategies to protect business interests—their corporate playbook—but many of these strategies come at the expense of public health. To counter this corporate playbook and advance health and wellbeing, public health actors need to develop, refine, and modernise […]